I've been told by many that this is over-hyped.

So I didn't go in with much expectation. Actually you can't even go in cause it's this walk-by, in-the-side-of-a-building establishment.

Ramen is rather bland - tastes like ramen before you put in the MSG packet

Burger is teriyaki tasting burger
With a sad lettuce that is wilted from the heat and moisture of the ramen and burger meat

We got cheese fries and seaweed fries too. Not super special. Would rather have a serving of Costco fries or unsalted McD's with mayoooooo

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I love bananas, especially the mini ones (they do taste different, a different sweetness) so I asked if I could buy a single one

The vendor looked at me like, Is this girl serious, did she really ask for a single one? then proceeded to give me a single banana for free


We passed by a morning Mexican food market on the way to ramen burger, which I demanded we checkout when we finished our business there.

rI got guava which was sprinkled with lime juice, salt and chili. Not like the sour/salty guava topping from Malaysia that I had expected at all.
Much regret.

Dear readers, I think this is the end of my LA part 1 posts!



I love Thai food, so I'm very biased when it comes to the identical-taste-to-Thai-street-food food on the table.

We lucked out and parked right in front of the restaurant

This place has two locations which have been said to be very busy with customers, but we arrived super early and happened to be the third party of the night.

Coconut steamed rice. Presentation won us over. And when you open the lid, the aroma wins you over. When you eat it, the taste wins you over. Win win win. Good (but nothing out of the ordinary, just feels like very comforting comfort food)

Salt baked fish. Had this first on the street in Thailand and fell in love. Fish here was rather small and didn't have that much meat, so the salt-crustedness was much more prominent here. Salt to fish meat ratio was off. Larger fish would have done this some more justice. Okay

3 types of dipping sauces, but still did not meet the hyped  up expectation I had of this dish. Okay

Yes real Thai papaya salad. Spicy, crunchy, roasted peanuts, sweet. Raw green beans, green papaya, sweet cherry tomatoes. Very good

Sausage, spicy, salty, sweet, aromatic. I love how Thai food combines everything I love into one bite.

Spicy deep fried calamari. Topped with deep fried basil (my fave). Not overly salty like the pork and sausages, but extremely spicy. Loved the sour and sweet sauce though. Very good, must order again

Spicy pork, lots of cilantro/herbs, was delish with rice or on its own (albeit, salty again). Good

Sticky rice. Still regretting that we didn't get the mango sticky rice for dessert (was too full anyway though, but still, there should always be room for sweet bites after a savoury meal). Nothing special with this one here.

Fermented sausages. Salty, tangy, salty. The raw veggies on the side are very necessary. Not spicy so my Chinese friends were able to consume. (lol but I'm Chinese too) Should definitely be eaten with rice. Okay

Hm, so you might think, 

Wow all these raw cucumbers, green beans, cabbage - does it taste good, do you really eat it?

Yes, dear reader, when your food is spicy and salty those are very much needed to keep you going through the rest of the delicious food.

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Beautiful lighting thanks to the window seat


Yes, it has been a while.

So back at home I happen to go to dimsum almost every Sunday after church. 

Seeing that I'm not at home and not going to the ritualistic dimsum post-church was making me feel rather uncomfortable and homesick

So we had dimsum and strolled around a seemingly Vietnamese community situated in what is called 'Chinatown'

This fishing game

Dear readers, next post will be what we've had for brunch!



I asked my Korean friend which kbbq I should go to while in LA (because he went there often to visit family), and he couldn't remember.

So he asked his mom, and his mom said the really good place closed. And also said any place is probably just as good (I mean, it is Ktown). So I yelped this place up.

And it was so damn delicious. We were extremely hungry, and the cheap cheap valet right in the restaurant parking lot was a plus because it is near impossible to find open parking on the streets of LA.

We ordered one of everything. But the things we ordered seconds of were the best.

And these were:
Brisket, bulgogi, beef short ribs

Pork belly was too thick - so it took too long to cook. Intestines were chewy no matter how we cooked them, and slicing them with the scissors was too much work for us hungry ones.

There aren't any leaves of lettuce for you to wrap the cooked meat. Instead there is a green onion salad dressed in chilli oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, which is the LA way to kbbq.

Very good cuts of meat, we were stuffed up to the neck and took a walk around afterwards. The area is very quiet, not much nightlife, and dotted with convenience stores that sell liquor (or actual liquor stores) every intersection.

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We picked up the car, and as we were driving away, saw firetrucks driving up to Oo-Kook *gasp* So we meant to check the news if anything happened to our *so far* favourite kbbq place in LA, but never got around to it 

We went to the gym [tipsy] that night (ok maybe just me who was really feeling a buzz) - and it was good.


Yes, it has been a while.

And more than one friend has been bugging me to hurry up with the next post.

Hollywood, Beverly Hills

So there. Finally got around to making some progress in documenting my Cali eats *yay*

Beverly Hills

Dear readers, the next restaurant will take you on a trip to Asia!



Last month we drove from Bay Area down the coast on Hwy 1 to Los Angeles:

Some beach with no one but that couple we third wheeled from far away

Big Sur

"It's like mother nature taking a piss"

We even saw seals at Elephant Seal 

 And stopped at many, many scenic spots

Being the stuck in the car, food lacking people we were, the tacos were amazing. But so difficult to eat. If it was possible to eat such a large taco in a manner that was just as easy as pizza, or heck, even a burger, I would eat it 10 times more often (who am I kidding, maybe just 2 times more often, or 1.5).

Fish was fried (they asked how I'd like it). I got avocado added, and hot sauce. Cabbage made it super refreshing even though eating the entire taco made you feel damn full, but I ended up with half the veggies on my plate cause it all kept falling out. Okay

Our scenic drive ended with a 2 hour drive at Camarillo Premium Outlets, another hour ish drive (? I don't know the time actually), then a very satisfying korean barbeque (up next)


Where's the food Vicki?

Yeah I'll be getting to that next...


Dear readers, breathe in these nature pictures with me please.


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