When I go out with the guys there are three things that always happen.

I. They will come exactly 1 hour or 1.5 hours after the time they said they initially were
II. I never know where we are going until halfway into the car ride
III. Music is loud in the car and we sing along to it

Back to point I: even though I know they'll be arriving later than they said they would, I always have this lingering hope that one day night they will come on time, so I get ready at 9 when they say, "Coming at 9".

But as always, they come 1-1.5 hours later.

So how was this night any different?
Basing on the first three points, it wasn't any different, it was the restaurant that made it different (not one of usuals). Which is also the reason why I came unprepared and took pictures with my phone and not camera. This place is famous for their infused soju and modern Korean dishes.

Very rustic, quirky, bare architecture

Which we enjoyed thoroughly.

And I don't even like tacos (it's true, my friends will tell the same), but this spicy pork taco was so delicious I had two.

Kimchi bulgogi poutine is just like what it sounds like. The acidity of kimchi help cut through the grease, and the meat provides some substance. They serve it in a shallow pan so that every fry gets an adequate dose of topping (because no one likes eating the plain and not soggy fries at the bottom).

"Because girls like white sauce" was what I said when they asked why girls like this dish so much. Things always sound better in my mind and sometimes I wish I talked less out loud. It came with a small side of pickled cabbage, which helps you eat more of the rice cakes drenched in cream sauce.

Chicken wings! Wow this was impressive. Because, they removed one of the two bones in the middle wing (my favorite part of the wing, because middle >  tip > drum), and deep fried it to a glorious crispy crunch.

Notice that curved edge of the cup rim! That curved edge hugs your lips - yes it did elevate my beer drinking enjoyment.

Beer? Yes, they have that here too. We got three pitchers: Hoegaarden (a light beer), Rickards (a dark one), and Sapporo (because we're at an Asian food place and need some Asian beer). Because the food was so tasty I nursed a pint of each with no problem!

Strawberry, then peach

I don't like fruit flavoured liquid drinks (that means smoothies excluded) very much. The only ones I don't mind that much are lemon juice (ratio of 1:1 with water, no sugar) and orange (with lots of pulp). So I don't like cocktails because the taste is very artificial fruity sweetness. 

They are known for their infused soju, which you can try all at once for a $15 soju flight. But we got 2 flavours instead. The peach, and the strawberry. I didn't like the peach soju cocktail. But the strawberry one was basically soju + strawberry YOP, and it was delicious. Would get that one next time (or just make it at home).

Han Ba Tang on Urbanspoon
It's on urbanspoon right hereee

Oh yes, and the environment in this place? Very nice - there is a wide mix of types of people here (different ethnicities), and the servers (including an ajumma) and waiters/waitresses are fun and friendly. 

The guys especially like the waitresses. And I especially like the waiters.


It's already more than a month into 2015, but last week I still wrote the year to be 2014 in my some of my lecture notes.
Sometimes I just don't think much.

Made some pumpkin tarts and she wanted them bad

Dear readers, when has your forgetfulness not caused an issue?



Do you enjoy school more or work more?

Layers of crepe, chantilly cream, mango, topped with blueberry sauce

It seems I've been answering that question a lot more than any other.
Are you waiting for me to provide you with an answer to that? You'll have to ask me the next time you see me then.

Volume of mangoes > volume of crepes

Now that we're back in Waterloo, it's really cold here, and it also seems that I've forgotten what it feels like when the temperature goes below -15C.

Whenever I see the forecast dip so low, I think in my mind:
"It can't be that bad. Just -18C"

But then when I step outside and happen to walk between two buildings and feel the gush of wind almost literally sweep me off my feet, I, again, think in my mind:
"It is terribly cold."

This cake will not keep you warm. It will, however, attract your closest (and maybe not so close as well) friends to keep you warm (metaphorically).

The last slice(s)

It is when the cake reaches its final slice, that you can determine who are your closest friends (they will either eat it for themselves without hesitation or serve it on your plate while you're eyeing it with laser-like eyes).


My closest friends have often complained about my lack of response while texting. The following is a list of phrases you'll see on my side of the conversation:
(and other one-worded phrases)

Side note: my dad is the official cake cutter in the family. I don't know how to cut them
Yeah, I think I make mille crepes too often too

So this year my new years resolution is to provide more reaction when responding.

Dear readers, how is your new year's resolution coming about?



It was a one day thing: starting in the very early morning when the mall was barely opened and only occupied by the other people who were boarding the ferry.

We were just a few days into our HK stay, and already disliking the intense heat outdoors and the intense A/C indoors. 
Malaysia withdrawal was kicking in - the yearning for late night satay and all day durian was on my mind.

I must say I wish I enjoyed Macau a bit more...

Macau in pictures is glorious and so let these snapshots do the rest of the talking:

So maybe I didn't enjoy Macau while I was there, but looking back at it - I love it so much.

Because I got to spend it with my parents and brother

Yes, I gained a considerable amount of weight during my 3 months in Asia, but I'm all back to normal now!



Sat with my legs crossed for a bit too long and now my feet are asleep.

I made a ridiculously tall strawberry mille crepe a few weeks ago and learned a lesson: don't make mille crepes this tall.

Dear readers, when have you last taught yourself a lesson?


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